Welcome to Beauty Secrets of Ayurveda, a hands-on course where you will learn about the benefits of a traditional Ayurvedic Apothecary for beauty, radiance, and wellbeing. This 5-week course is designed to empower you in learning and creating your own apothecary remedies.

You will learn...

  •  introduction to the doshas
  •  basic Ayurvedic herbs for healing
  •  Ayurvedic rituals for self practice
  •  how-to create traditional Ayurvedic apothecary formulations
  •  supportive and nourishing complimentary Folk Herbalism practices
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Delve into the doshas! Learn how beauty is related to inner health. We will study abhyanga and learn to make a tri-doshic sattvic body oil.

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 Our focus will be Kapha Dosha and the practice of Marma Chikitsa.  We will study Shiro (head) & Pada (feet), learn to prepare Herbal formulation Salve and how the Ayurvedic application.

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 Learn about the brilliance of Pitta Dosha & Agni (metabolic fire). We will learn the relationship between digestion and beauty, and learn to prepare herbal formulation Medicinal Ghee.

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This week our focus is Vata Dosha and the senses. Discover the alchemy behind the doorways of prana and how these portals shift and change us and make a Herbal formulation Essential Oil + rose water (Hydrosol).

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The magic of Water, here we will cover the art of rasayana, medicinal drinks. You will learn the herbal wisdom and creation of four magical blends to keep you radiant inside and out. 

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Meet your teachers

Your guides are Nichole Falco and Josie Castaneda, two master healers that are merging their knowledge & expertise to support your inner Beauty!

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Nichole Falco

Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist &
Shakti Alchemist 

Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist Nichole is a radical healer.  She has developed a process for fearless reflection she calls Shakti Alchemy which cultivates the strength and courage to bring about a spiritual awakening. Nichole is an expert Yoga Therapist who uses the ancient science of Ayurveda to help individuals discover their unique body constitution and how to implement a complimentary diet and lifestyle to recover a natural, radiant state. This deep self work is paired with intrinsic guided experiences of yoga therapy and meditation.

Josie Castañeda

Healer & Folk Herbalist

Josie Castañeda was born into a family rooted in the healing arts of curan-dería, shape shifting and clairvoyance. Amongst her mastery of healing crafts, she is a Yerbera-Curandera (Folk Herbalist), Reiki Master, Dharana Meditation Teacher & Asana Yogacharya. She is the creator of Curandera Remedies, an indie wellness brand braiding Curanderismo, Reiki, and Eastern Philosophy for intentional living.

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In the comfort of your own home, the whole course is prerecorded you can watch it whenever you want and on repeat!

5 weeks for $499! and that includes all of your tools and goodies.

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