Restore vitality and prevent inflamm-aging with this 21 day Ayurvedic cleanse.

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Week 1

Introduction: Sacred Rituals & Intentions. 


In this session we will open with a sacred ritual and set goals for the upcoming weeks. There will be discussion of Ayurvedic wisdom, doshic body types, keeping a food journal, preparing for the cleanse and preventing inflamm-aging. You will be guided on setting your personal schedule and how to optimize your time for the upcoming weeks. 

Week 2

Cleanse Preparation:  

Release & Enjoy


In this session you will create your personal sankalpa, intention. Prepare your kitchen for your cleanse. Release whats not working for you and replace those things with delicious and nourishing alternatives. Here I will share recipes and rituals for your at home practices.


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Week 3

Active Cleanse Days: Seven days of Cleansing and Nourishing the Nadis.


Week three is a full week of cleansing food. You will learn Ayurvedic recipes easy to prepare and enjoy! This week is about foods that are gentle on the gut and easy to digest. You will be guided and coached in that process and you will have a daily guide to support the process. 




Week 4

Reintroduction: A Sustainable Food Plan.


After cleansing we want to reintroduce food that is nourishing and sustainable for your lifestyle. In this class we will go over the best practices moving forward. How to maintain a healthy diet and close the cleanse with the tools to increase vitality and longevity. 



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Week 5


Building Ojas


This week is about creating sustainable joy, health and longevity. We will check in about our experiences and how to take the experience into everyday life and keep the doshas balanced. 




When & Where?

Begins fall equinox, September 20 2023

We meet the first time Wednesday night Sept 20 7:00pm-8:30pm EST on the following four Sundays 7:00pm-8:15pm EST zoom in the comfort of your own home.


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Schedule a one-on-one guidance chat with Nichole to help you determine if this 21 day Ayurvedic group cleanse is right for you. Your needs and goals are unique, we are here to help you uncover and achieve them.

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"I'm so grateful for Nichole's time and patience and explanation on the Ayurvedic Cleanse. She simplified and made it understandable and I was able to listen… her guidance was key. the layout and directions of the printouts was user friendly- her weekly manifestations was the GOAL- love the implementation of self care habits I learned so much and Nichole explained the elements working in the body ( very understandable) she made it interesting-and planted a seed and I felt motivation to learn more and share my journey with other people. Thank you for this amazing journey I am still doing most of the daily practices! #1 cleanse COACH" 

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