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Hello dear friend, We, Joe & Nichole Falco are Ahara! We can’t wait to help you achieve a healthier and more enlightened life

Meet Nichole Falco

Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist 

Nichole is a highly qualified clinical yoga therapist holding a 900-hour certification accredited by the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT). She employs evidence-based therapeutic approaches to facilitate healing processes. Her methodology involves cognitive and somatic techniques aimed at facilitating transformative personal growth, akin to the phenomenon of neural plasticity. Nichole emphasizes the innate potential for emotional equilibrium and psychological well-being within individuals, grounded in scientific principles.

In addition to her extensive qualifications, she holds multiple certifications that complement her method, and she is a lead trainer and author of both 200hr and 300hr YTT programs. Nichole is also the co-founder of House of Yoga, a non-profit organization focused on meditation, Ahara.life, an online school, and she is the owner of Mineral City, a yoga studio opening in Spruce Pine, NC.

Nichole is proud to be a student of Dr. Vasant Lad and is deeply rooted in the Himalayan Institute lineage. Through her studies with these esteemed mentors, she has gained valuable insights and knowledge that enrich her holistic approach to yoga therapy.

Through her yoga therapy practice, Nichole incorporates principles from the traditional Ayurvedic system to determine an individual's unique constitution and offers guidance on dietary and lifestyle adjustments to promote physical well-being.

Nichole serves as a mentor and teacher in the exploration of individualized empowerment, employing her proprietary method of personal empowerment, a holistic approach to health and self-esteem, underpinned by research and clinical expertise.

Meet Joe Rocco Falco

Professor of the Vedic Sciences

Joe Rocco Falco is an entrepreneur and experienced professor of the Vedic arts and sciences specializing in Yoga, Meditation, and Ayurveda with over 7000 hours of teaching experience. He is the director of Yoga Teacher Training for Hot Yoga Asheville and co-founder of AHARA an online platform for Yoga, Movement, Meditation, and Ayurvedic diet & lifestyle practices with his wife Nichole Falco. Together they offer transformative personal programs, master classes, yoga teacher trainings, and Yoga Business Development courses to a rapidly growing online community. Joe’s studies extend to the realms of music, recovery, artwork, Freemasonry, tantra, jiujitsu and philosophy.

  • Yoga Teacher - 200hr YTT Edwin Bergman of Yoga Works
  • Kundalini Awakening Process Instructor - Tao Semko
  • Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist - Himalayan Institute 
  • Certified Vishoka Meditation Teacher - Himalayan Institute 
  • Tantric Initiate - Lineage of the Himalayan Masters
  • CrossFit L2 - Certified Instructor 2011
  • Classical Music Theory Training - Priscilla Maina Wagner
  • Lead Composer & Frontman - OTOO
  • 32° Free & Accepted Mason
  • 2015 Past Master of Village Lodge No 153

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