Meet Joe Rocco Falco

Professor of the Vedic Sciences

Meet Joe Falco, a down-to-earth professor of the Vedic arts & sciences and the founder of House of Yoga. His diverse background spans classical music training, martial arts practice, CrossFit coaching, fronting a rock band, and even holding the title of one of the youngest Worshipful Masters in Florida Freemasonry. Beyond his eclectic experiences, Joe passionately delves into both eastern and western esotericism, and, most importantly, teaching the profoundly enlightening science of Yoga.

In Joe's words, yoga has not only uncovered his life's purpose but has also provided a practical path to directly grasp the meaning of life. He emphasizes that the timeless gift of yoga, bestowed upon us by great masters, holds the transformative power to unveil the mysteries of the universe and bring peace to the heart of anyone willing to embrace its practice.

Before discovering yoga, Joe Falco grappled with life's big questions and doubted his potential. Yoga provided him with the sense of belonging, self-love, and confidence he needed to guide him towards self-realization. Ever since, Joe has committed himself to sharing the transformative practice of yoga with others.

  • Yoga Teacher - 200hr YTT Edwin Bergman of Yoga Works
  • Kundalini Awakening Process Instructor - Tao Semko
  • Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist - Himalayan Institute 
  • Certified Vishoka Meditation Teacher - Himalayan Institute 
  • Tantric Initiate - Lineage of the Himalayan Masters
  • CrossFit L2 - Certified Instructor 2011
  • Classical Music Theory Training - Priscilla Maina Wagner
  • Lead Composer & Frontman - OTOO
  • 32° Free & Accepted Mason
  • 2015 Past Master of Village Lodge No 153

Meet Nichole Falco

Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist 

Meet Nichole Falco, a grounded and compassionate 900hr Clinical Yoga Therapist, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Shakti Alchemist, and proud owner of Mineral City Yoga, a beautiful new yoga studio in Spruce Pine, NC. Nichole's wisdom extends from her close-knit family and friends to her supportive 12-step communities and the thousands of students she's had the privilege to teach over the years.

With over 12,000 hours of yoga instruction under her belt, Nichole has not only shared her knowledge but has also mentored numerous instructors. Her journey into Ayurveda led her to the Himalayan Institute, where she brought the teachings of the Himalayan Masters to life in her practice and teachings, first in South Florida and now in Western North Carolina.

Before discovering yoga, Nichole’s life journey was marked by chaos, stress, and personal struggles, including loss and battling alcoholism. Yoga entered her life during her 12-step recovery journey, becoming a vital support. Today, she serves as a source of strength, and hope in both her 12-step community and at her studio, Mineral City Yoga, in Spruce Pine, NC.

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